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Since the establishment of Solar Element S.A. in 2006 we lived and worked with a single objective:  


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Our managers and professionals have deep experience in the air conditioning, refrigeration, heating sector and in the supply of copper components, developing their work in the international arena.
We manufacture copper and aluminum components for the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating industry, as well as for other applications such as solar energy, the automobile industry and chillers (telephony and electricity).

We know that each project itself is a universe, therefore we not only offer a standard product line, but we also offer individual solutions, designed by our clients.  
We work with our clients in direct dialogue, advise and solve problems before they arise.

The difference
A continuous commitment to staff training and motivation.

Investing in advanced technology

Robotic mass production

Manufacture in stock, according to the rotation desired by the client

Management and production according to ISO 9001/2015 standard

Material with EN 12735 and AD 2000 Certificates
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